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holding.onto.a.package.meant.for.a.distant.lover [04 Sep 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey all!!! last night was SOOOOO much fun! Eckles, Jessica, Alex and I went to the presidents, death cab and united states of electronica show last night! it was hella fun!!!! and we met so many people and made lots and lots of new friends! it was a blast ans a half! good times, i got some really good pics of the show too and some nice clips too. So i will be posting some up soon! much love!!!

2 | Share the love? [01 Sep 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

K so i totally forgot about this song and how much i LOVE it!!!! So i had to post it.

"The Pirates That Don't Do Anything"

we are the pirates we don't do anything
we just stay at home, and lie around
and if you ask us, to do anything
we'll just tell you, we don't do anything

well I've never been to Greenland
and I've never been to Denver
and I've never buried treasure in ST Louie or ST Paul
and I've never been to Moscow
and I've never been to Tampa
and I've never been to Boston in the fall

we are the pirates we don't do anything
we just stay at home, and lie around
and if you ask us, to do anything
we'll just tell you, we don't do anything

and I've never hoist the main sail
and I've never swabbed the poop deck
and I've never veered starboard, cause I've never sailed at all
and I've never walked the gang plank
and I've never owned a parrot.
and I've never been to Boston in the fall

we are the pirates we don't do anything
we just stay at home, and lie around
and if you ask us, to do anything
we'll just tell you, we don't do anything

I've never plucked a rooster
and I am not too good at ping-pong
and I've never thrown my mashed potatoes up against the wall
and I've never kissed a chipmunk,
and I've never gotten head lice
and I have never been to Boston in the fall

we don't know what he did
but we're down with captain kidd
we don't wake up before lunch
but we all eat captain crunch
we don't smoke, we don't chew
we watch captain kangaroo

and I've never licked a spark-plug
and I've never sniffed a stink bug
and I've never painted Daisies on a big red rubber ball
and I've never bathed in yogurt
and I don't look good in leggings
and I've never been to Boston in the fall

we are the pirates who don't do anything
we just stay at home, and lie around
and if you ask us, to do anything
we'll just tell you, we don't do anything

Other than that my day was pretty damn good!!!! i heart my boyfriend!!!! he came over late last night and i was SOOOOOO happy to see him.

Mmmk. . .so you know how theres like that one weird kid that it seems you cant get aways from at your school and for some weird reason they think that they can be friends with you and your friends? i dont mean to sound like a bitch at all. . .dont get me wrong. but theres this one girl Jessica at my school. . .and i think shes like retarted.((definantly NOT Jessica Davis. . . i LOVE that girl)) but shes in my cooking and my math classes with me and my other friends Myra and Leslie. So today in Cooking she went and sat by Leslie and she always talks to us in math and its kinda iffy. im sure shes super nice but i cant get over the fact that she kinda looks/smells/talks like the ass of my cat. But i honestly. . .for the life of me dont understand how people can wear a black shirt, black pants and black shoes. . .that are all different shades, and look in the mirror in the morning and be like "yeah i look good!" or wear a head band that pulls your hair back that is A) not cute B) looks even worse on you C) makes your hair look like the golden arches from McDonalds and D)is something that you bought in the third grade. i mean wouldnt you retire the damn thing finally?????
anyways. . .ill stop being a brat now. im prolly going to hell just for that post. . .except for the part about the pirates. . .cuz thats just kick ass!!

Xoxo Melinda

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UGH! [31 Aug 2004|08:23pm]
So school has definantly started. . .its lame. . .but at least i have all easy classes. ..with the exception of Pol and Gov. but it happens. . .im so bored and wanna hang out with Kyle. . .but hes at work i havnt been able to see him for like 3 days cuz im at school then when i get home he has to go to work until like 11. . .sux. but i had a super fun birthday!!!! i wore my pirate hat and everybody celebrated me!!! then on the 1st day of school. . .Valerie put up posters all over for my birthday!!!! it was exciting. . .i never get anything at school for my birthday cuz its in August. . .so i was happy!!! but some of the guys took down some of my posters and took them home with them. . .that was kinda iffy. . .hmmm. . .
pictures of me birthday! YAR! Props to Val for the pictures! thats me and my new friend Alex
PS bookworks is a lot of fun!!!
Xoxo Melinda!
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Its.ME!! [26 Aug 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Using band names, spell out your name:

M - Mon Frere
E - Elite Stranger
L - Lines into Pheonix
I - Incubus
N - Name Taken
D - Darkest hour
A - A kiss farewell

2) Have you ever had a song written about you?
No. . .
3) What song makes you cry?
That freinds forever song by Vitamin C
4) What song makes you happy?
Steal my sunshine by LEN and steal my kisses by Ben Harper
5) What do you like to listen to before bed?
Gavin DeGraw
6) Name a song by Coal Chamber:
i dont know who that is...
7) Who was/were your idol/s when you were younger?
Spice Girls
8) First album you ever bought?
i think Mr. Big
9) Name a song that reminds you of someone and why:
Such Great heights by the postal service reminds me of Kyle. . .cuz its our song!!

a p p e a r a n c e
HEIGHT: 5'4''
HAIR COLOR: Dirty blonde/blonde/blue
EYE COLOR: brown
PIERCINGS: 2 in ears

WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: Im not. . .im watching family guy
WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: chicken nuggets
HOW ARE YOU? bored

d o y o u
GET MOTION SICKNESS?: not really. . .
GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: depends on what i did
LIKE TO DRIVE?: for the most part. . .cept when people make fun of the way that i drive

f a v o r i t e s
TV SHOW: Family Guy
CONDITIONER: bed head Self absorbed
BOOK: Me Talk Pretty One Day
ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Baileys Irish Cream
THING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND: go to shows, and hang out with Kyle and Val and DoRu
BAND OR GROUP or SINGER or RAPPER: right now its Gavin DeGraw

h a v e y o u
EVER TIPPED OVER A PORTA POTTY: yes. . .and got in trouble for it

l o v e
GIRLFRIEND: i have many?
SEXUALITY: dont know
CURRENT CRUSH: My boyfriend? does that count
BEEN IN LOVE?: mm hmm
BEEN HURT?: totally
YOUR GREATEST REGRET:i dont know. . .

r a n d o m
YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW: Blane and the other one has Gavin
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: Kyle and Valerie when shes nice. . .and Eckles and DoRu
WHO DO YOU CONSIDER GOOD FRIENDS?: Valerie, Kyle, Eckles and Drew
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?: sleep, go to shows and hang out at Val's

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t
TIME YOU CRIED?: cant remember

y o u r t h o u g h t s o n
ABORTION: negative
TEENAGE SMOKING: i dont care.
SPICE GIRLS: Kick Ass!!!
DREAMS: umm. . .cool? i dont know. . .my dreams are whack though

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drew.story. [25 Aug 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

So. . .Me and Kyle bought our first fish together. we got two yesterday and two today.. so all together we have four!! and we finally named them. . .with a little help from Tony. ..their names are: Etnei, Atticus, Zuez, and Gavin ((yes as in Gavin DeGraw)) ((i dont really know hoe to spell zuez)) their so cute too! i get them weekends and holidays and Kyle has them monday thru thursdays. . .not really. . .but their staying at house since were there most of the time anyways. DoRu's birthday party is on saturday, Val and i are going together and i still have yet to find the perfect gift for a pirate. . . we found these really cool flip flops that kinda looked piratey. . .but then that arises the timeless question of. . . how would a peg leg wear a flip flop?

2 | Share the love? [17 Aug 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

It was a damn good day!!!!! lazy in the morning. . .mostly stayed in bed and then hung out with Kyle. . .i heart him. Yesterday we went to my school for schedule changes and to buy my books. . .fun stuffs! then i went to the mall with Val and Kyle and me and Val found DoRu's birthday present!! we heart him too. . .and i got the most K.A. shoelaces E.V.E.R. damn straight. . .actually their rainbow. . .so. . .damn gay!!!!!!!!
The K.A.'s

ps track jackets. . .very hott

pps if you didnt understand any of what i said. . .your not Valerie, DoRu or Kyle


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yup. . .still down here [10 Aug 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So. . .yeah im still down in Louisiana and i went shopping and got THE cutest shoes ever ((Valerie. . .i totally thought of you when i was getting them)) Kyle. . .i miss you tough, josh came and hung out today. . .hes a cool kid but it was kinda akward, his mom LOVES me for some odd reason and it was really weired, they want me to go hang out before i leave but i dont wanna. . .oh well its fun. right now im at Rachel and Michelle's house and their cutting roberts hair. its looks pretty cute!! Valerie i cant WAIT to see you!!! i love you and Ky im thinkin bout you tough! ((even tho i doubt you read this. . .cuz noe one does except for Valerie. . .but i thank you anyways, cuz at least one person cares about my input on this small earth. . okay im done
PS the food kicks ass down here!
Xoxo CJ

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Im in New Orleans!!! [08 Aug 2004|12:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

Woo! its so much fun! well. . .technically im not in New Orleans. . .im in Houma, but we went to New Orleans today to go to Six Flags and then down to the french quarter to cafe du monde! oh man! i love it down here!! im excited to go eat tomrrow!! the food here is SERIOUSLY to DIE for!!!!!!! its sooooooo crazy good! anywho. . .enough talk about food! tee hee! iv been such a nork since i got here NO JOKE! Rachel, Michelle and I were taken pictures everywhere! Rachel and I had to stop and take a picture on Bourbon Street too! tee hee, New Orleans is REALLY creepy at night. . .especially for three teenage girls! well. . .im off to bed! call my cell if you miss me too bad!!

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[31 Jul 2004|02:51pm]
[ mood | silly ]

So. . .im at Kyle's house right now. . .hes in the shower and doesnt know that i can hear him singing! tee hee!
just thought i would share that

2 | Share the love? [31 Jul 2004|01:43am]
So. . .i started this new thing that when in irritated. . .i do arts and crafts. . .

So i just got done doing arts and crafts, it was fun, i made a kick ass patch that says CJ for my sweatshirt and i made 2 posters. . .one for me and one for Kyle. . .it was fun!

how foxy is that right there? thats me and Preet at my Dad's apartment in Washington DC
3 | Share the love? [27 Jul 2004|03:54pm]
[ mood | devious ]

So. . .umm. . .i said that i would start using this thing more often. . .and here goes. The other night i was with Kyle. . .big suprise eh? So i went over to his house early and woke him up and brought him to church with me. . .then later that day we went to the hospital to visit his grandpa and i got to meet a lot of his family. . .they were SO funny!! i digg it. then after that we went out to dinner and then to Seattle and we went up in teh spaceneedle adn and watched the sun set! how cute is that!!! and it was all his idea. . .hes such a cutie, i heart my boyfriend!
Xoxo kids

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its.OH!! [24 Jul 2004|05:44pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

01. First/Middle Name: Melinda Rose
02. Birthday: 08.29.87
03. Sign: Virgo
04: Relationship Stauts: Taken. . sorry kids ;)
05. Race/Nationality: Cajun


01. Artist: of all time? The beatles
02. Group: Dashboard
03. genre:.... umm pretty much everything, im not uber picky
04. Radio Station: 107.7, 89.5
05. Cd: random mixes that i made?
06. Hobbie(s): uhh. . .going to concerts, dancing, cheerleading, laughing
07. Place(s) To Be: eating in Louisiana with all my family and cousins
08. Food: Cajun
09. Color(s): Hot Pink
010. Male/Femlae Celebrity: male: Jude Law, Johnny Depp. Female: Molly Ringwald haha
011. Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate peanutbutter
012. Drink: chocolate milk!!
013. Cereal: cinnamon toast crunch, cheerios, fruity pebbles, and golden grahms
014. Board Game: Pretty pretty princess
015. Movie(s): donnie darko, office space, super troopers, GLEAMING THE CUBE!


01. Talk In Your Sleep: - nope, i laugh in my sleep haha
02. Think About Sex On A Daily Basis: umm. . .yeah
03. Like To Party: occasionally. . .who doesnt?
04. See Dead People: woka woka
05. Drive Fast: i think so. . .but i get told that im a slow driver by A LOT of people
06. Get Along With Others: for the most part
07. Act Your Age: depends on who i'm with. . .but not usually
08. Believe In God: yea
09. Think That Relationships Should Be Based On Sex: no
010. Talk On The Phone A Lot: not really. . .it gets irritatin got me after a while
011. Spend Most Of Your Time On The Internet: when im home yeah
012. Sing In The Shower: at the top of my friggen lungs!!
013. Believe In Love @ First Sight: sure why not
014. Date A Lot: define 'a lot'. . .


01. Cheated Or Been Cheated On: no and no
02. Commited A Crime: only minor ones. . .
03. Kissed In The Rain: does snow count?
04. Cried In Front A Girl/Guy: yeah. . .i HATE it
05. Had Sex In A Public Place: no
06. Gotten A Hangover: only once.
07. Woke Up & Didnt Know Where You were?: uhh. . .no
08. Used A Fake I.D: no im too much of a pansy haha
09. Met A Celeberity: yeah. . .and i was on the frasier show when it was in seattle
010. Fell In Front Of A Crowd Of People: HAHA talk about story of my life!
011. Used An Illegal Substance: yeah!
012. Flashed Anyone: haha yeah
013. Been In Love: no
014. Role Played: i was in a midsummer nights dream once. . .


01. Are You Good Looking: umm. . .kinda-ish?
02. Can You Rub Your Tummy & Pat Your Head @ The Same Time: fuck yeah. im the master
03. What's Your Favorite Quote? Go back to China bitch! - donnie darko

2 | Share the love? [24 Jul 2004|01:48am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So iv been staying at Valeries this past week. . .im mass suprised that we havnt killed each toher yet, but im pretty sure were close. So. . .i totally promise that im gunna start using this thing more often. . .but we'll see how that turns out, so. . .drew story. . .((get it true story. . .drew story?? nvm)) so. . .the other day me and my mom went out to lunch and she wanted to go to Appleby's. . .im not a big fan of appleby's, i had a bad experiance there one time in Idaho, but i was like whtever my mom wants to go there so ill go. So we go in and there is the cutest guy like E.V.E.R, he looks like an abercrombie model. . .so not my type ((i thought)) so we made eyes all day and whatever but i left. . .so that night my bud Val wanted me to go out to a movie with her and this guy Josh and he was gunna bring a friend for me, i was like whatever. . .ill go, it might be fun. so we get there and josh's friend ends up being Mr. Appleby's! i was like NO WAY! So we totally hit it off. . . and now hes my boyfriend! haha go figure. . .hes super cute!

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Don' [12 Jul 2004|08:22pm]
zix: will = dork
CigaretteJayne: Melinda = Nerd
zix: together we are nork

HAHAHA this kid is so damn funny i heart him tough!
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another thing about your truly [29 Jun 2004|03:53am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

** basics **
Name:: Melinda
Nickname:: hmm. . .too many, Melindia, melin, jaynie, robbie, romy, melissa, Gwene
Location:: Kenmore
Gender:: female
Birthplace:: Seattle
Birthstone:: i forget
Birthday:: August 29, 1986
Sign:: Virgo
Righty or Lefty:: righty
Screenname:: CigaretteJayne

** your looks **
Height:: 5'4"
Weight:: u honestly think im gunna answer that?
Shoe size:: 6 1/2
Hair Color:: dirty blonde. . .for the most part
Hair Length:: shorter?
Eye Color:: brown
Size:: in pants? 7
Glasses:: nope
Braces:: not anymore
Piercings:: 2 in each ear
Tattoos:: not yet

** fashion **
Where do you shop:: value village, express, wal mart, pacsun, zumiez. . .where ever i feel like at the moment. . .
What do you usually wear:: jeans and a t-shirt from value village with a zippy-uppy thingy over that
What kind of shoes do you wear:: converse, vans, adidas shell tops
Do you wear a watch:: nope
Color you never wear:: yellow, brown
Color you wear at least once a week:: pink
Something you wear everyday:: panties
Do you wear make up everyday:: yeah
Make up essential:: eyeliner
Most cherished piece of clothing:: my black dickies dress
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing:: my pants above my belly button
Do you wear belts:: yes
Do you wear hats:: not really. . .
How many pairs of shoes do you have:: at least 20 or more. . .i hardly wear 1/2 of them though

** music **
Favorite kind of music:: pop punk, screamo, early 90's dance music
Least Favorite:: rap....ewww
How many CD's do you have:: too many
Last CD you bought:: umm. . .prolly this providence haha
Whats in your CD player right now:: dashboard confessional
Do you download music:: no

** Favorites **
Color:: hot pink and black
Number:: 16
Season:: summer
Ice cream:: mint chocolate chip
Website:: myspace i guess
Quote:: i wouldnt be where i am today if i had thought about how i would feel tomorrow
Store:: Value village and St. vince
Band:: local. . .between this providence and a kiss farewell
Singer:: iunno
Rapper:: oh god no!
Group:: eww groups
Song:: another night- real McCoy
Movie:: shag
Actor:: Johnny Depp
Actress:: i really like lindsey lohan. . .shes so cute! haha
Kind of movies:: cheesy funny ones
Place to be:: out with friends at night with bon-fires
Time of day:: night
Clothing Brand:: iunno
Animal:: flamingo
Food:: shrimp creole
Holiday:: my birthday
Shape:: circle
Restaraunt:: bucca de beppo's
Fast food place:: wendy's
Boy's name:: coleton
Girl's name:: maisy
Word:: lame
Month:: august
Candy:: heath

** love and relationships **
Sexual Preference:: boy
Boyfriend or Girlfriend:: Nope
Crush:: maybe
Do you believe in love at first sight:: umm. . .no
What do you look for in a guy/girl:: funny, good smile, fun to be around
Best physical feature:: smile
Best hair color:: doesnt matter to me
Best eye color:: i love dark brown eyes. . .but it doesnt really matter

** randoms **
Do you paint your nails:: yes
What color is your tooth brush:: hott pink and white
What's on your desktop:: a picture of me haha
Do you like roller coasters:: oh hell yeah
Do you do drugs:: not anymore
Are you a virgin:: . . .i hate that question
Do you have any pets:: yeah a kitty
What time do you go to sleep:: lately its been around 2

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. . .Wow [20 Jun 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

last night was AMAZING and a half!!!! i went to TP and gatsby show last night. . .SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!! i had a blast. met hella cool people. Exept some people were being hella mean and shit. so that sucked. but other than that. . .yeah!

sorry i havnt been on here in forever haha. . .iv been busy. . .that and im a myspacer now haha. sorry guys
anyways much love
Xoxo Melinda

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Hello All. . . [13 Jun 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | sick ]

im technically not grounded anymore. . .only because by the time i get better from my illnesses. . .the time for my freedom will be here.

For the past. . .way too long ((im not sure of actualy dates)) iv been home sick with mono and strep throaght, it totally sux, all iv been able to do is watch movies and sleep, all iv eaten this whole friggen weekend is a bowl of kix. . .im bored so. . .if you love me. . .call me, or leave me a message, or send me a text. . .or something, i <3 you
Xoxo Melinda

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wow. . . [01 Jun 2004|11:23pm]
I forgot about this thing. . .not to mention the fact that i cant get online since im grounded. . .BUT i can talk on my house phone now. . .until 8 haha, lame but improving. . .so gimme a call. . .Xoxo Love you all!
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its gooberishes [17 May 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | horny ]

how many people agree that going to the craft store is hella fun! fuck yeah!
Xoxo Melinda

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[16 May 2004|08:28pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Yeah i really like how on my last entry i couldnt spell dork for the life of me. . .but yeah, good times last night. ugh. . .it was way hella funny tho
Xoxo Melinda

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